The mission that we collectively developed for My CHI. My Future. - to connect youth to engaging and safe out-of-school experiences that empower them to cultivate identities, build relationships, and explore future opportunities - remains the same. Our strategies to achieve this must now look different. We have decided to launch My CHI. My Future. as an online and mobile hub for youth (and you) to get connected to youth-centered experiences and "spaces" during this time of physical disconnection.

We want the My CHI. My Future. website and mobile app to connect to experiences that spark and sustain young people’s passions and connect them to peers, mentors, and new possibilities. We know that our partners are creating these new experiences and we want to showcase your offerings.

Showcase Your Youth Experiences on My CHI. My Future. website and app

Office Hours and Account Help

We recognize that owning your MCMF account may be new! We want to make sure every organization has the chance to engage directly with us to ask questions. Please submit questions and request an “Office hour” meeting where we will provide live tutorials and address your concerns. We encourage you to bring your programs to these meetings so we can upload them together!

We recognize that engaging youth in this new way requires a new way of working for many of you. As such, we are willing to host workshops providing technical and pedagogical supports and best practices to support organizations in engaging in remote models of serving youth.